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Day 1: 1 October 2019 (Tue)

0900 - 1200
Singapore International Cyber Week 2019 Opening Plenary
Venue: Auditorium, Hall 406, Level 4

Note: Due to limited seating, entry to the Auditorium for the Opening Plenary is by invitation only. Live streaming will be available for all conference attendees in the overflow room, MR300 - 304, Level 3.
1200 - 1300
Venue: Exhibition, Halls 401 - 406, Level 4
1200 - 1530
jointly presented by Cyber Security Agency of Singapore and Temasek Foundation Connects

By Invitation only
Venue: Summit 2, Level 3
1300 - 1340
Venue: MR300 - 302, Level 3

The Future of Security - How AI Will Liberate Us
Vice President, Ambassador-At-Large
BlackBerry Cylance
Venue: MR303 - 304, Level 3

Securing the 5th Dimension - 5G and Industry 4.0
Evangelist and Government Relations Leader
NEC Corporation
Venue: MR311, Level 3

Deception Affinity: The Science of Attacker Seduction
Chief Scientist
Fidelis Cybersecurity
1340 - 1420
Venue: MR300 - 302, Level 3

Rise of the Machines - Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Security
Head of Technical Services, Asia Pacific
Venue: MR303 - 304, Level 3

Security Challenges in 5G
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Venue: MR311, Level 3

Using SOAR Technology to Enable Efficient Incident Response Collaboration
Vice President, Product Management
Palo Alto Networks
1420 - 1500
Venue: MR300 - 302, Level 3

How Data Science Turns Human Behaviour Research into Cybersecurity Trust
Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Venue: MR303 - 304, Level 3

Protecting Our National Networks and CNI
Country Manager - Asia Pacific & India Region
Telesoft Technologies Ltd
Venue: MR311, Level 3

Attacker Campaign Identification
Lead Security Analyst
1500 - 1530
Tea Break
Venue: Exhibition, Halls 401-406, Level 4
1530 - 1610
Venue: Auditorium, Hall 406, Level 4

Root of Trust or Chain of Trust for Critical Cyber Systems
Professor of Computer Science, School of Computer Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Venue: MR300 - 302, Level 3

Fileless and Silent: The Threat Actors Moving Through Your Supply Chain
Chief Executive Officer
Venue: MR303 - 304, Level 3

Secure Cloud Transformation with Network Isolation
Chief Technology Officer
Menlo Security
Venue: MR311, Level 3

Patching Makes Perfect: How Patch Management and Good Cyberhygiene Can Help Keep Your Data Secure
Vice President of Security
1610 - 1650
Venue: Auditorium, Hall 406, Level 4

Using Machine Learning to Uncover Threats and Risk in Privileged Access
Regional Manager, Technology & Strategy
One Identity
Venue: MR300 - 302, Level 3

Hacker or Hollywood?
Principal Security Consultant, Foundstone Asia-Pacific Practice Lead
Venue: MR303 - 304, Level 3

Adopting a Trust-centric Approach in a Hybrid and Multicloud Environment
Managing Director, Cybersecurity, Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China
Cisco Systems
Venue: MR311, Level 3

Active Defence – Empowering Cyber Resilience
Deputy President, Cybersecurity Systems Group
ST Engineering Electronics
1650 - 1730
Venue: Auditorium, Hall 406, Level 4

How Machine Learning is Changing the SOC
Director, Sales Engineering - Asia-Pacific & Japan
Venue: MR300 - 302, Level 3

A Robust and Flexible Regulatory Framework for the Management of Aviation Information Security Risks
Cybersecurity in Aviation and Emerging Risks Section Manager
European Union Aviation Safety Agency
Venue: MR303 - 304, Level 3

Managing Your Risk in the Cloud
Senior Threat Research Evangelist
F5 Labs
Venue: MR311, Level 3

What Ails My Peers Today Could be My Ailments Tomorrow
Vice President of Data & Research
BitSight Technologies
1730 – 1930
Networking Night
Venue: Exhibition, Halls 401 - 406, Level 4

Note: Programme is accurate at time of publication and subject to change.