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GovWare Conference 2021 Keynote Speakers


Collective Defense Cybersecurity Strategies for the Expanding Digital Landscape

General (Ret.) Keith Alexander
Founder, Chairman & Co-Chief Executive Officer, IronNet

The frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks are on the rise as the remote work model expands and techniques like ransomware become more prevalent. From his experience as NSA director and first commander of U.S. Cyber Command, General (Ret.) Keith Alexander tells the story of the government's limited ability to combat cyber-attacks due to the limited visibility into the threats and shares new industries adopting the Collective Defense approach.

Building a Secure Future

Tim Brown
Chief Information Security Officer, SolarWinds

This session explores exposure to risks and the degree to which businesses are prepared to manage, mitigate, and prevent risks in the future. Join Tim Brown, the CISO of SolarWinds, as he shares his experience, as well as research on external threats, supply chain attacks and IT Trends.


Creating Resilience in Cyberspace

Eva Chen
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Trend Micro

What are the best strategies for achieving resilience for your organization in this dynamic new world? How has Zero Trust evolved and what role does it play? How can a SaaS-based cybersecurity platform approach help you better manage risk and respond faster? Join Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen as she delivers expert insights into how your organization can be more resilient while taking advantage of the enormous benefits of the cloud.

COVID-19: New Risks, New Opportunities, and A Worrying Backlog

BG Gaurav Keerthi
Deputy Chief Executive (Development), Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

COVID-19 resulted in rapid digitalisation globally, and required organisations and individuals to take on additional risks that they might otherwise have not. These new security risks would need to be reimagined as opportunities, for us to clear the “security backlog” while designing a more secure future.

Building Resilient Cybersecurity Teams for the Long Term

Clar Rosso
Chief Executive Officer, (ISC)²

(ISC)² has long studied the cybersecurity workforce shortage. Clar Rosso, CEO, provides an overview not only of the latest research data from the annual Cybersecurity Workforce Study, but on the recommended ways in which organizations can successfully identify, recruit and retain the right talent that adds depth to their security teams to build long-term stability.

Adopting a Conscious Mindset against Old Nightmares

Ravinder Singh
Group Chief Operating Officer, Technology & Innovation, and President, Defence & Public Security, ST Engineering

Join Ravinder as he shares the need to be conscious of the impending old nightmares. He will examine the threats across our supply chain systems, the lack of visibility of our IT real estate and cyber defence arsenal. Gain insights on how we can take on an asset risk-based approach for responsive cybersecurity.

Strengthening the Future of Critical Information Infrastructure with International Best Practices

John Suffolk
President, Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, Huawei Technologies

As 5G is gradually deployed in most countries, it will become a vital part of the CII sector, exposing it to new security threats and challenges. Huawei Technologies President, Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officer, John Suffolk, highlighted that cybersecurity has always been a shared responsibility and all of us have a role in risk management.

Managing ICT Supply Chain Risk in the Digitised World

Irving Tan
Chairman, Asia Pacific, Japan and China, Cisco Systems

As our traditional security defences have improved, persistent threat actors are moving upstream to compromise trusted ICT products and services with the aim of burying exploits inside the enterprise and critical infrastructure. This session will examine key ICT supply chain threats, how developers and suppliers are strengthening defences, and steps small and large enterprises can take to better safeguard their networks.

GovWare x ICE71 Startup Pitch Pit – Startups vs SMEs
AI: The Next Frontier of Cybersecurity

In its third run, the GovWare x ICE71 Startup Pitch Pit featured exciting companies from the ICE71 Community as they pitched their solutions to a panel of infosecurity industry veterans. In a special twist in 2021, the competing cybersecurity startups pit against SMEs, showcasing how AI is the next frontier of cybersecurity.

The goal of the Pitch Pit is for companies to get real-world feedback and gauge potential interest in their cybersecurity solutions.

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