• Leonard Kleinman
    Chief Cybersecurity Advisor
    RSA, International
    Date: 3 October 2019
    Time: 1120 - 1155 hrs
    Venue: Auditorium, Hall 406, Level 4

    Len Kleinman is the Chief Cyber Security Advisor for RSA International (APJ & EMEA) focusing on Government, Critical Infrastructure and Education. His current focus is to work with executives and business stakeholders to make security a strategic priority that translates into business value.

    Len has over 27 years of experience in the information technology industry, with an early focus on Oracle CASE, network operations and database administration. A security technology community activist, he is involved in and supports several cyber security and technology organisations and regularly speaks at security events.

    Prior to joining RSA, Len worked in senior roles in IT security at the Australian Tax Office, including governance and risk, compliance, and the IT Security Advisor role. Kleinman also served as Senior Director of the Vulnerability Management and Research team (VMR) where he contributed to the development, implementation and review of cyber security strategy and operations. Focus areas included specialist advice and policy on a range of business and technical activities, strategic and operational planning, service provider engagement, contingency and incident response, and threat intelligence.

    He has qualifications in Information Systems, Management from Edith Cowan University, and Tax Administration Law from University of New South Wales.


    Leveraging Machine Learning, Automation and AI in Next Gen Cybersecurity

    Presentation Title

    A.I.: Cybersecurity Friend or Foe?


    Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has fast become one of the key trends in this digital frontier era capable of solving organizations’ threat detection challenges.  Cybersecurity companies are providing new ‘revolutionary’ capability in products, which, like magic, will be able to solve all security issues and protect all from every single cyberthreat out there. Indeed, A.I. and machine learning capabilities are growing at an unprecedented rate and this explosion has also become a concern to organizations, who are required to protect their valuable data assets.  These new technologies have generated many benefits, however less attention has been paid to the ways in which A.I. can also be used maliciously.  This session will look at the vexing position of A.I. 

    How does the boom in A.I. affect organizations, What is the difference between automation and A.I., IoT impact on organizational digital risk, What are the opportunities and risk in adopting A.I. in cybersecurity, 
    How can AI and Big data give us solutions to reduce the digital risk? Just as important is understanding the limitations and requirements for a successful cybersecurity A.I. implementation. Looking holistically at how AI and other technologies can increase your cybersecurity posture to help organizations remain safe and secure from cyber security incidents.