• Mark Orsi
    Global Resilience Federation
    Date: 2 October 2019
    Time: 1340 – 1420 hrs
    Venue: MR302, Level 3

    Mark Orsi is the president of Global Resilience Federation (, a non-profit with the mission to develop and support threat intelligence and information sharing communities including operations technology, financial services, retail and hospitality, legal services, energy, health, and oil and natural gas. Mr Orsi led strategic efforts for several prominent Fortune 100 companies, working directly with CIOs and CISOs to develop, deploy, and improve security controls protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information. Mark joined the company from JPMorgan Chase where he served as executive director and product owner for cybersecurity and technology controls. Prior to JPMorgan, Mr Orsi served KPMG as director of cybersecurity, and Goldman Sachs as vice president of technology risk. Mark holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, an MS in computer science from Johns Hopkins University, and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland.


    Navigating Cybersecurity from End User Perspective

    Presentation Title

    Going Beyond Defence in Depth… Become Proactive!


    Cyber threats are ever evolving. A typical organization is never short on the number of threats they face and end up playing a resource intensive catch-up game that is never ending. This reactive approach gives the threat actors an edge. They only need to find one gap to bypass the defences and compromise the victim organization.

    How could the security operations be re-aligned to be proactive? How could intelligence be used to forecast and mitigate threats, even before they become a concern to the organization? This session will discuss the role information sharing plays in enterprise risk management. Specifically, the speakers will discuss the importance of government/private sector partnerships and how industry specific and cross-sector information sharing complements vendor feeds in protecting a company’s IT infrastructure.