Sponsors & Exhibitors Profile

  • Garrison Technology
    Company Profile

    Garrison addresses one of the most difficult cyber security dilemmas facing modern organizations: how to harness the immense benefit of the Internet, without being exposed to its risks. It has created a unique hardware enforced secure remote browser that combines ultra-secure web access with scalability, performance and affordability.
    Their existing customers are large enterprises with tens to hundreds of thousands of employees across sectors including banking, insurance, media, telco, law and government.
    Ultra-secure browsing with Garrison SAVI® is solving the highest impact cyber risk – removing a whole class of internet access related threats:

    • Risky web access & doc viewing for all employees in the enterprise
    • Removing block pages, enabling knowledge workers
    • Protecting high value groups (execs, payment teams)
    • Enabling privileged users (sys-admins, developers)
    • High value network / asset protection (VDI isolation)
    • Strategic web security transformation

  • Gigamon


    Company Profile

    Gigamon delivers network visibility and analytics for digital applications and services across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure enabling organizations to run fast, stay secure and innovate. Only Gigamon offers a full-stack solution with a common architecture across an organization’s complex hybrid infrastructure to address performance and security needs. Since 2004, Gigamon has been awarded over 75 technology patents and enjoys industry-leading customer satisfaction with more than 3,000 organizations, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 100 and the majority of the world’s Top 10 banks, healthcare providers, technology companies, mobile operators and government agencies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Gigamon operates globally. For the full story on how Gigamon can help your organization, please visit www.gigamon.com.

  • Ground Labs
    Company Profile

    Ground Labs’ empowers companies to discover, monitor and remediate the data that matters whilst mitigating risk and meeting regulatory and compliance obligations.