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The cinten story begins in 2018 when two friends - who had spent their lives serving in the crisis and risk management domains - were chatting about the different ways they could solve uncertainty in decision making. One of them had a revolutionary idea, the other said it was impossible.
The idea was simple - remove uncertainty from strategic decision making, by digitizing the way people, teams, and business units interact with each other, and by these interactions utilize AI and Machine Learning to produce predictive insights that drive business growth.
The following day, the idea manifested into a prototype, focusing on the world of crisis and risk management. They knew that if the idea held during the pressure of crisis, then it would thrive in the everyday world.

cinten is a SaaS solution that supports decision-makers in routine and crisis scenarios by digitizing human interactions through simulations and providing customized corrective actions to ensure organizations stay on track to reaching their goals.

cinten builds durable resilience in organizations by optimizing outdated, disorganized crisis protocols and methodologies and validating them through fully customized, data-driven tabletop exercises. cinten enables organizations to update response plans while training individuals and teams to respond adeptly to the unique range of risks to which their organizations are vulnerable. cinten’s dual targeting of both processes and practices means that organizations are finally able to tackle any crisis scenario.

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