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GovWare 2023 Temp Background


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Corellium's virtual hardware is used by security engineers to research, test, and analyze the security of mobile and IoT software. Corellium is the industry leader in virtualizing devices powered by Arm processors, from iOS and Android phones to routers and robots. By combining virtualized device models with powerful integrated tools, Corellium provides cybersecurity experts the advanced capabilities they need to stay ahead of tomorrow's threats. Corellium's Arm-native virtualization platform is used by businesses, governments, and security communities around the world to advance security testing, research, and training. With highly performant, scalable, and accurate virtual models, Corellium enables unprecedented visibility and control to accelerate DevSecOps, strengthen security testing, and uncover potential vulnerabilities and data privacy issues. Corellium has developed an innovative Type-1 hypervisor for Arm (called CHARM) that runs natively on Arm processors, giving their virtual models a level of accuracy unmatched by emulators or simulators ' the kind of accuracy required for advanced security testing and production code development. The Corellium platform is available to customers as a cloud service or pre-installed on server appliances for on-site, air-gapped needs. Corellium's mission is to advance cybersecurity at the edge, outside the datacenter, where mobile and IoT devices have been underserved by security vendors and security testing providers. To learn how the future of cybersecurity is advancing on Corellium, please visit
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