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GovWare 2023 Temp Background


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CyberLympha PTE LTD works in the field of OT cybersecurity and focuses on developing a comprehensive solution framework for protecting industrial infrastructures including IoT, IIoT and XIoT. We see our mission in ensuring OT & cyberphysical security for Customers worldwide.

At present more than a thousand product instances are in commercial deployment, protecting critical infrastructure in various industries, including Oil&Gas, Energy, Metallurgy, Chemistry and Smart City.

CyberLympha’s key differentiator is uniting the features of several product classes in one solution, powering the comprehensive yet non-invasive approach to OT cybersecurity thus empowering our Customers to establish and maintain an outstanding level of asset protection. Advanced anomaly detection and behavioral analytics based on machine learning and AI algorithms extend the protection over the complex systems that operate proprietary protocols.

Having an extensive background in working with large and medium enterprise Customers, CyberLympha has gathered significant expertise in protecting a wide variety of ОТ assets, typical for different industries. We know how to deal with challenges be it low quality network links, outsourced Security Operations Center or legacy OT equipment.

CyberLympha also offers a lifecycle approach to cybersecurity-related services, starting with consulting and initial assessments and working through proof-of-concept and pilot projects all the way to overall system design, implementation, commissioning and support.
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