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GovWare 2023 Temp Background

Fálaina Pte Ltd

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As organisations see increasing demand for access to resources by internal and external stakeholders for their private cloud and public cloud applications, the need to open access to more users in more ways — without compromising security — becomes crucial. At Fálaina, we believe that the right approach to IAM makes it possible to enable organisations to effectively and securely adopt technologies to manage user identities, and their accesses for their private (on-premise) and public cloud.

Fálaina Identity and Access Management addresses a number of key business challenges for the enterprise: 

  • Flexible and comprehensive approach, to adopt and implement technologies over a period of time to meet overall organization need 
  • Security, through comprehensive, current information about who has access to which applications and data Cost reduction, by automating slow, error prone manual processes for provisioning and auditing 
  • Data protection and privacy, with secure control of access to information and resources 
  • Compliance, through comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities 
  • Fast time to market, by accelerating the processes of sharing access with business partners 
  • Revenue growth, by speeding the deployment and delivery of new services from multiple partners 
  • Improved service levels, with powerful user self-service and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities
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