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The world is migrating to Cloud Computing and Big Data, where data owners have lost the control over their data security. Enterprises, business owners have to rely on Cloud, SaaS service providers to keep and secure their data. They have no choice but trust the service providers and the employee to safeguard their confidential, proprietary business information.

KIYlogix, is developing a family of software applications and services, which data security is controlled by the users themselves, not the service providers. All software applications, SaaS etc. are integrated with the patented, a truly de-centralised hardware security system KIY, Keep It Yourself.

KIY disrupt the traditional, centralised security protocol, allow users to hold the data encryption key and control the data security themselves. KIY technology is patent
protected in all major markets, including, Singapore, SEA countries, USA, European Union countries, China and Japan etc.

KIYlogix is developing 4 software applications and services;
1. KIYlogix10, an offline secured file backup solution, helping enterprises to easily backup their financial data, R&D data, employee data etc. to the Cloud Server, Public
Cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive etc. and ensure the backup data is safe even if the Cloud is compromised.

2. KIYlogix20, an offline secure file sharing solution allow enterprises, especially SME who has limited IT resources to securely sharing their data through Public Cloud like
Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive etc., without worrying service providers and the employee viewing or accessing the data.

3. KIYlogix30, secured online file management service, allow enterprises to store, share sensitive business information 24/7 within the company or between business
partners, like customers or suppliers.

4. KIYlgoix40, user-controlled SaaS, helping enterprise to protect sensitive data like customer name, NRIC, contact info, DoB, pricing info etc. of the SaaS, by the user

We are looking for application developer partners who wish to adopt the KIY security
system and enhance user-controlled applications and services to the enterprise users.

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