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Established in 1997, Netrust is Asia’s first public Certificate Authority (CA) and Singapore’s only Commercial Accredited CA. Netrust provides individuals, businesses and government organizations with a complete online identification and security infrastructure to enable secure electronic transactions. Besides certificate provisioning, Netrust delivers high-quality professional services including security consulting, PKI deployment and custom application development. 


As a testament to the streamlined business and operational processes within Netrust, the 

Controller of CA in Singapore first awarded the CA License to Netrust in June 2001. The online applications supported include secure access to government applications, Internet banking, supply chain management, virtual private networks and secure access to intranet portals. As an Accredited CA, parties relying on Netrust certificates enjoy the benefits of evidentiary presumption and users are assured of the legality and security of their transactions. 


Products & Services 

  • nSign Digital Signing Suite 

  • Digital and SSL Certificate 

  • Identity and Access Management 

  • Secure Email & Secure Desktop  

  • Multi-Factor Authentication  

  • Hard Disk Encryption 

  • Secure Archival of Documents 

  • E-Passport PKI and Passport Signing

  • E-Passport Validation for Immigration Control  

  • ICAO PKD Interface for Border Control  


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