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GovWare 2023 Temp Background

Netrust Pte Ltd

Hall: 4 Booth: 4S8
Netrust has been in the Certificate Authority (CA) / Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Secure Authentication business since 1997. Netrust is the only Accredited CA in Singapore, supporting the Singapore Government in various e-Government initiatives. As an Accredited CA, parties relying on Netrust certificates enjoy the benefits of evidentiary presumption and users are assured of the legality and security of their transactions. Over the years, Netrust has accumulated a wealth of experiences, and has extended into the region with its CA/ PKI and 2FA consultancy and deployment services. Besides being a CA, Netrust offers a whole suite of cryptographic-based security solutions for servers, desktops, e-mail and other applications. Netrust provides high value security consultancy to help organisations that are interested in the business use of cryptography and in managing the quick deployment of turnkey security solutions. Netrust has developed products and solutions that support easy implementation of digital signing and strong authentication, including protecting the authenticity and data integrity of physical documents. In addition, Netrust implemented the Singapore'۪s e-Passport CA plus the e-Passport validation solution at the checkpoints. This is one of the first end-to-end e-Passport validation solutions ever implemented by any country. Together with its subsidiary Auctorizium Pte Ltd, Netrust has the expertise for consultancy on e-Passport and has the experience and in-house solutions for their implementation. Products & Services 'ۢ Netrust nSign - PKI-based digital signing & authentication 'ۢ Netrust nSeal - Securing integrity of printed documents 'ۢ Identity Management 'ۢ Secure Email & Secure Desktop 'ۢ Multi-factor Authentication 'ۢ Application Security Solution 'ۢ Hard Disk Encryption 'ۢ Secure Archival of Documents 'ۢ E-Passport PKI and Passport Signing 'ۢ E-Passport Validation for Immigration Control 'ۢ ICAO PKD interface for Border Control
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