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GovWare 2023 Temp Background

Numen Cyber

  • | Exhibitor
Numen Cyber Technology is a Cybersecurity vendor and solution provider based in Singapore.We dedicate ourselves in Web3 Security and Threat Detection & Response.  Our Labs team consists of top industry experts from all around the world
 who specialized in Blockchain Security, Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Research and Threat Analyzing.  We provide industry-leading Web3 Security Solutions, the solutions can completely cover all cybersecurity requirements of all kinds of Web3 application scenarios.

Our Web3 research team protects project parties and users through Smart Contract Audit, Chain Security Audit, Wallet Security Audit, online contract risk monitoring and comprehensive security enhancements for Web 3 projects throughout the development lifecycle of digital assets. And provide Cryptocurrency Tracing &Forensic and Web3 Threat Intelligence services to protect your digital assets.

Meanwhile, our web3 security product – AMULET  that performs 7/24 monitoring, real-time security detection, and attack blocking & interception for Web3 projects on the public chain. It uses the unique industry-leading technology built by the Numen Web3 security research team, customizes unique detection rules for different projects, and conducts real-time attack and anomaly detection for transactions on multiple popular public chains (such as ETH, BNB Chains).
Our LEUKOCYTE is CWPP product, which is based on SaaS and adopts adaptive security architecture to effectively solve the passive situation of traditional defense means by adding an effective real-time monitoring and response capability to the system.
At the same time, our experienced security experts simulate real hacker attacks through red teaming, penetration testing to assess the protection agility of customer’s infrastructure security in a safe protocol, at the same time helping the organisation from top to bottom and from internal through security governance strategies, risk management, compliance audits, etc.; Essentially able to build a solid security perimeter for any organisation.

Our Mission is “Delivering Cyber security Beyond Expectations”.
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