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Booth: Israel Pavilion P22
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We are a Global Cyber security technology company born out of Israel, specialising in creating innovative AI based Cyber security solutions for Left of bang detection and mitigation, we plan our product leveraging on intimate knowledge of cyber-attacks.

Our  mission is to addresses the major roadblocks that make it difficult for CISO, CIO, and their teams to manage cybersecurity such as:
Unclear Cyber risk definition coupled with Fragmented technologies using different paradigms for each slice of the cybersecurity puzzle leading to a cyber stack of between 25 to120 different technologies in every large organisation.

Lack of standard metrics to measure, manage, and benchmark cyber defense. This is crucial to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and continuous improvement of organizations' security.
Constant change is now the norm for business and IT so Cybersecurity requires constant tuning of the trade-offs between shifting IT\Business needs and cyber risk.

Harmony IoT - a unique solution that creates a protective airspace dome around your organisation to monitor, detect threats and mitigate cyberattacks through the attack surface of WiFi and Bluetooth protocols as well as smart-connected devices and IoTs using them. 

Harmony Purple - is a next-generation vulnerability prioritization tool (VPT) that continuously showcases validated, global, multi-vector, Attack Path Scenarios™ (APS), so you can focus your red team and blue team’s time and resources on those vulnerabilities that threaten your critical assets and business processes.

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