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Booth: Israel Pavilion P22
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Resec is an innovative cyber security company that provides organizations with the ultimate malware prevention solution.

With the source of more than 90% of malware threats coming from documents, Resec takes a Zero Trust approach to eliminate all file-based malware threats (known and unknown - "zero day"), without compromising usability or hindering business operations. Using disruptive technology that achieves airtight security without compromising usability, Resec’s multi-engine solution treats every file as a threat and therefore leaves the original file outside of the organization’s network and delivers the end-user a threat-free and fully functional replica of the file in real-time.

Resec’s software can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and is comprised of multiple advanced proprietary detection and prevention engines that ensure that organizations are fully protected from files arriving by email, APIs, FTPs, uploads, downloads, and removable devices.
Resec's solution meets the highest standard of security and regulatory requirements and is currently used by dozens of large and highly-sensitive organizations from diverse industries, including finance, military and defense, government, telecommunications, airlines, healthcare, and oil and gas.
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