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Silverfort pioneers the first Identity Threat Protection platform that was purpose built for real time prevention, detection, and response of attacks that employ compromised credentials to access targeted resources. Utilizing an agentless and proxyless technology, Silverfort integrates with all Identity Providers in the hybrid environment to add a native real-time protection layer for all authentications and access attempts on-prem and in the cloud. Silverfort leverages this integration to perform continuous monitoring, risk analysis and real-time enforcement of Zero Trust access policies. In that manner, Silverfort provides organizations for the first-time, with the full context of all human users and service accounts behavior as well as the ability to proactively enforce MFA and block access on legacy applications, command line access to servers and workstations, file shares, and other core resources that could never have been protected in that manner before. Silverfort is the first to acknowledge that the existing security stack fails to deliver real-time protection against identity-based attacks and to address this critical gap with a dedicated platform that centralizes protection every user, system, and environment to gain the upper hand against account takeovers, malicious remote connections, and lateral movement.

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