GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


A Practical Framework to Bridge the Cyber Workforce Talent Gap

05 Oct 2021
Evolving Frontiers of the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

In this presentation, we examine the root causes of the Cyber Workforce staffing challenge and share with attendees the solutions we at MITRE recommend to improve their approach to the issue.

MITRE's Cyber Workforce Development Framework was developed in support of the US Department of State's effort to help partner countries strengthen their cybersecurity ecosystem and has also been used to inform CISA's Cyber Defense Education and Training program. We will share our insight and practical recommendations, including findings on which cyber roles are emerging as most essential, ways to attract women to cyber roles, reskilling, 'new collar' recruiting, and how to build collaborative partnerships that will grow your talent pipeline. We will also share the neurodiversity pilots MITRE has initiated within US federal agencies to incorporate more diversity into their cyber talent pool.

These practical, data-backed recommendations will help you build a more robust and diversity-minded cyber workforce strategy.

Teresa Thomas, Program Lead, Neurodiverse Talent Enablement - The MITRE Corporation - McLean, VA
Cynthia Wright, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer - The MITRE Corporation - McLean, VA