GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


Adopting a Conscious Mindset against Old Nightmares

06 Oct 2021
Keynote 2021

We witnessed a tsunami of cyber attacks in the last 18 months. A wake-up call for cybersecurity professionals as the world faces cyber supply-chain compromise, widespread ransomware and business disruptions. Despite stepping up with robust cybersecurity solutions post COVID in support of remote working and digitalisation, the attacks have made systems vulnerable and expose weakness in controls and risk management.

Join Ravinder as he shares the need to be conscious of the impending old nightmares. He will examine the threats across our supply chain systems, the lack of visibility of our IT real estate and cyber defence arsenal. Gain insights on how we can take on an asset risk-based approach for responsive cybersecurity.

Ravinder Singh, President - ST Engineering