GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


Anticipating the Next Game Changer Cybersecurity Event Post-COVID-19

05 Oct 2021
Emerging Security Technology

One of the many lessons COVID-19 has taught us is to always prepare for the unexpected. By instantly making remote work the new standard, the pandemic created countless cybersecurity challenges threatening corporate assets and employees. Attackers have exploited this through two vectors in particular - inadequate authentication procedures and unsecured off-domain networks, the former being the leading cause for data breaches globally.

These clear and present dangers forced companies to quickly revamp their cybersecurity posture and adopt new tools and practices. But given the accelerating changes in technology and work, one must ask - is that too little too late? Responsible organizations should now more than ever look ahead and consider future threats that might become a reality overnight, such as the collapse of standard encryption algorithms and the emerging power of quantum computing.

This session will examine some of these upcoming threats and discuss essential preventative measures and solutions.

Dr Shimrit Tzur-David, Co-Founder & Chief Security Officer - Secret Double Octopus