GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


Building Solid Foundation for Cyber Security with Product Security Baseline

06 Oct 2021
Cybersecurity in the Cloud

Through the digitalization of various industries like transport, retail, utilities, the new fast-evolving technologies are significantly changing our lives, creating more convenience and business opportunities for our society. However, new technologies may also bring unprecedented challenges and risks. In the digital society that can provide many convenience to its people, hence a need for Secure & Trustworthy Intelligent world. Since product security is the foundation for such commitment, security baselines will be an effective method for managing product security quality as these baselines can be applied not only for vendor's own products but also for the supply chain partners supporting the vendor , hence we will like to share on best practices on how to work together with our external partners and the ecosystem towards security assurance

Arthur Zhang, Director, Regional Cyber Security and Privacy Protection - Huawei Technologies