GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


Exploring the Cyber Landscape using AI-Powered Analytics

05 Oct 2021
Keynote 2021

The ongoing pandemic has seen an alarming rise in cyberattacks. Singapore's authorities reported a 154% increase in ransomware cases in the past year, a trend that was also highlighted in Ensign InfoSecurity's 2021 Annual Cyber Threat Landscape report.

Ransomware is of particular concern with an increase in ransomwareas-a-service models and threat actors employing them extensively in recent years. Given the heightened threat environment, it is important for organisations to leverage state of the art technologies and techniques to detect and counter cyber attacks. One such class of advanced technology are solutions that utilize analytics and AI, such as Ensign's patented AI-Powered Cyber Analytics, designed to drive increased accuracy and speed in threat detection. In this keynote session you will hear how the use of AI-Powered Cyber Analytics, such as those embedded in Ensign's threat detection models, can helporganizations detect and counter complex threats of today.

Lee Fook Sun, Chairman - Ensign InfoSecurity