GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


Future-proof Vigilance: The Recipe for Security from Now On

07 Oct 2021
Operational Environment

The real challenge in security is to be adaptive, flexible, diverse in a way that makes us better at innovating, faster and fitter than our adversaries. That is the key to vigilance, and the real goal is to move to more-and-more future-proof technologies and methodologies. From mobile to the cloud, from big data to AI, from 5G to IoT and beyond, we must be steps ahead if we are to collectively enjoy the benefits of the connected world. The key to future-proofing our technology stacks in a world of increasing hostility is fundamentally to change our approaches and our cultures. Sam Curry will cut through the noise in this session and provide the recipe for how we should all channel our security practices and innovation going forward.

Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer - Cybereason