GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


How bad is bad, when the bad guys exploit AI to attack you?

05 Oct 2021
Leveraging Machine Learning, Automation, and AI in Next Gen Cyber Security

This is a presentation about Bad AI, how crooks will use AI to hack your IT operations, in novel and dramatic ways. It will share 5 case studies; exploit Deepfakes for social engineering, breaking Captcha, subvert and neutralize the conventional and popular AI video and AI text processing backend systems, bypass AI malware detection and will finally discuss the new AIOps vulnerabilities. Some new state-of-art demos will be shown and new previously unpublished materials will be shared but with vendor names removed. Lastly, it will highlight the new defences possible, and conclude on future developments and why these new threats have to be taken seriously, now and not later.

Prof Yu Chien Siang, Chief Innovation and Trust Officer - Amaris.AI Pte Ltd