GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


"Human Firewall" is a Necessity to Thrive in a World Resetting

07 Oct 2021
Keynote 2021

By 2025, cybercrimes would become the world's fourth-largest economy (if it were a country), after China, United States, and India. This while the global financial system is going through an unprecedented digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic. A cyber incident can easily undermine trust and derail innovation. As global commerce continues to grow, so do the cyberattacks in their scale and sophistication. Stronger technology controls will be a focus (zero trust security and others) for most organisations. Yet, human expertise, vigilance and diligence will define how we thrive in a world resetting.

Yuval Illuz, Group Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Operations Officer, Trust, Data & Resilience - Standard Chartered