GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


Merging Speed & Compliance: Incorporating the Power of Automation at Data End-of-Life

06 Oct 2021
Evolving Frontiers of the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Physical asset destruction and manual sanitization processes are no longer needed to protect data at the end of its lifecycle. International Data Sanitization Consortium Director and Blancco VP of Cloud & Enterprise Erasure Solutions Fredrik Forslund explains how to harness automated data erasure at asset and data end-of-life.

You'll learn:

  1. How integrating automated erasure workflows within existing IT and asset management systems, results in efficiency and data protection assurance
  2. How automated erasure works for laptops, desktops, and data centers'even in at-home or remote locations'for whole assets or targeted files
  3. How tailored automation can address requirements for erasure standards, device or drive condition, different levels of data sensitivity, and more
  • How audit-ready erasure reports can be saved to the cloud or integrated within an asset management tool

  • Data sanitization doesn't need to slow down end-of-life data management. There are the alternatives.

    Fredrik Forslund, Vice President, Enterprise & Cloud Erasure Solutions - Blancco