GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


Safeguarding your Supply Chain in a Digital World

06 Oct 2021
Evolving Frontiers of the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

The use of digital technology ' further accelerated by COVID-19 ' is fast becoming a business imperative to streamline operations, achieve efficiencies, dissolve borders and reach consumers. However, the risk of cyber threat rises in tandem with connectivity. Each connection, both internal and with third-parties, are a potential point of vulnerability, and an opportunity for fraudsters to exploit.

The 2020 Allianz Risk Barometer Survey results show that for the first time, cybersecurity is the leading risk for businesses in AP. Supply chain risk management is essential as businesses face potential vulnerabilities through third-party relationships, including multi-party cyber incidents that affect numerous organizations with both direct and indirect connections to the initial victim.

For over 50 years Mastercard has secured payment networks. Now, we have expanded our capabilities to secure the broader digital ecosystem.

Chng Tien San, Vice President, Cybersecurity, Cyber & Intelligence Division, Asia Pacific and Japan - Mastercard