GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


The importance of infusing AI-Powered Cyber Threat Analytics into your Daily SOC Operations

07 Oct 2021
Cyber Operations & Response

While cyber security providers continuously innovate to stay ahead of the cyber arms race, the incorporation of cutting-edge cyber analytics and AI into their various services have become an important differentiating factor. The recent spike in digital transformation due to COVID-19 has resulted in huge increases in collected logs as more organisations are forced to move online. This, coupled with increasingly sophisticated techniques used by threat actors, amplifies the difficulty in detecting malicious behaviours and advanced threats. Conventional signature-based methods are proving futile due to their high false alarm rates and inability to dynamically adapt to evolving threats. In this session, we will share how Ensign leverages and incorporates state-of the- art AI-powered Cyber Analytics into our SOC processes to detect advanced threats and anomalous behaviours to keep organisatons secure.

Steven Ng, Chief Information Officer - Ensign InfoSecurity
Lee Joon Sern, Tech Lead for Data Science - Ensign InfoSecurity