GovWare Conference 2021 Full Agenda


The Path to Zero Trust: A Security Paradigm Shift

07 Oct 2021
Operational Environment

The more the traditional perimeter continues to blur, the more zero trust comes into focus. The seismic shift to remote working and shift to the cloud have also accelerated the demise of the traditional perimeter and is driving an increased focus on Zero Trust. NIST's guidelines provide a clear playbook for organizations seeking guidance?on how to adopt Zero Trust principles. This approach reduces the threat surface and also minimizes the threat windows during which attackers can inflict damage, helping to protect against everything from simple malware to advanced persistent threats.

Many organizations have begun to embrace Zero Trust frameworks and are building these into their security strategies. Join expert from BeyondTrust to help you forge the best path to optimally securing your environment, including upgrading from legacy applications and architectures to ones that support zero trust.

Brian Chappell, Chief Security Strategist, EMEA & APAC - BeyondTrust