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GovWare 2022 Full Agenda

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Keynote: Cyber Security, Cyber Prosperity, Cyber Power: What's Trade Got to Do with It?

18 Oct 2022
Level 3, Room GW1 | Sands Expo and Convention Centre

The UK Government has set a vision in its Cyber Strategy to be a leading responsible and democratic cyber power, able to protect and promote its interests in and through cyberspace. Taking a whole-of-society approach, the UK vision aims to create a resilient and prosperous digital nation, taking the lead in technologies vital to cyber power, and deterring adversaries. From her experience of over 30 years in government working in international relations and national security, and now as Cyber Security Ambassador for the Department for International Trade, Juliette Wilcox CMG will explore the UK's strategy. She will discuss how a strong and trusted cyber security industry, able to trade globally, can contribute to a free, open, peaceful and secure cyberspace.


Juliette Wilcox CMG, Cyber Security Ambassador - UK Defence and Security Exports, Department for International Trade