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GovWare 2022 Full Agenda

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Keynote: Enabling Resilient Cybersecurity for the Future

18 Oct 2022
Level 3, Room GW1 | Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Today's dynamic world demands a holistic, integrated security ecosystem to enable security products to work in unison. Living security, like extended detection and response, is security which spots, stops, and adapts to incoming threats. When security solutions operate collaboratively within their environment, they're more efficient, resilient, and help future-proof the organizations they protect. Despite technological advancements over the last twenty years, the industry is still facing the challenge of a talent crisis. Cybersecurity solutions are only as strong as the teams behind them. Similar to how previously siloed and static security frameworks no longer protect against today's threats, we cannot apply the same thinking toward our talent pool.


Bryan Palma, Chief Executive Officer - Trellix