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GovWare 2022 Full Agenda

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Keynote: Using Artificial Intelligence for an Accelerated Cyber Response

19 Oct 2022
Level 3, Room GW1 | Sands Expo and Convention Centre

It has been a tough year for everyone as organisations balance their focus between COVID recovery and management of the ever-evolving cyber threats. Threat actors are improving their attack capabilities, expanding their repertoire of attack vectors to include IoT, OT, mobile and device firmware, as highlighted in Ensign InfoSecurity's Cyber Threat Landscape Report 2022. Log4j vulnerability was a wake-up call in the supply chain sector. Organisations must be made more resilient in the face of more frequent cyberattacks and faster attackers. There's a need to identify the risks and protect organisations with best practices. To assume having been breached is an important approach to a stronger defence. Hence, the speed to detect and respond to threats is critical. It can stop an attack in mid-stride, and limit the damage done to organisations. We do not expect threats to become simpler over time. We have to be better at dealing with them. Last year, we shared how organisations can harness the power of cyber analytics to detect threats with higher efficacy. In this keynote, we will share on achieving speed to detect and respond with the use of artificial intelligence.