GovWare 2022 Full Agenda


Kubernao - The 2,000 Year Origins of Cyber

19 Oct 2022
Level 3 | Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Organisational Cybersecurity Culture; Leading and Managing for Success
Ancient Greece is the birthplace of Western civilisation & also the origins of cyber! In this talk, Eddie Doyle will use inspiring stories to motivate your organisation into achieving greatness in your cybersecurity strategy. Why is inspiration essential to cyber? We all know that the day after you've implemented your companywide cyber hygiene program, at least 30% of your colleagues will click on a phishing simulation. The root of the problem is not the technology. It's about process & people; in other words, culture. Using real-world case studies from some of the most creative breaches, Eddie will demonstrate how to engage your executive & whole organisation to effectively benefit from the technologies & processing you already have in place.
Eddie Doyle, Security Strategist - Check Point Software Technologies