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Panel: Moving Targets in Cybersecurity; Matching Evolutions in Technology with Changing User Realities

18 Oct 2022
Level 3, Room GW1 | Sands Expo and Convention Centre

It has become almost a cliché to speak of the impact of technology at business fora, and likewise for technologists to expound on business drivers in their field of work. In discussing organisational and business realities, as well as the cyber landscape, it is de rigueur today to hold forth with liberal usage of terms like “evolution”, “integration”, “collaborative”, “value”, “ecosystem” and the like.

The fact is that technology continues to evolve and expand at a breathless pace, across different verticals and areas of focus. Cybersecurity, now well-accepted as an inalienable pivot of any tech project, organically advances under its own steam, and also in adapting towards securing increasingly complex and demanding systems.

User realities meanwhile, continue to be shaped by change in myriad factors, including demographics, customer behaviour, geopolitical developments, and of course technology. From critical infrastructure through to every conceivable sector, the wheel of evolution turns remorselessly. 

Amidst these, other considerations such as systemic sustainability and a relook at the concepts of ROI and investments in cybersecurity also come into play, as does the ubiquitous need to upskill as a survival fundamental.

For cybersecurity practitioners, what are the challenges of relevance and value in this milieu of constant and systemic change? How can cybersecurity keep pace with securing the systems of today and tomorrow, and indeed how can we help define the shape of a future that is relentlessly driven by tech?

Stanley Tsang, Distinguished Engineer and Senior Director (Special Projects) - Cyber Security Agency of Singapore