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GovWare 2022 Full Agenda


Tech Talk: A New Dawn of the Global Cybersecurity Market: Buying Cybersecurity Services with Confidence

20 Oct 2022
Level 1 | Exhibition Hall, Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Not all cybersecurity services are equal. CREST has been a key driving force in the cybersecurity ecosystem in creating a secure digital world by quality assuring the cybersecurity industry so organisations buying cybersecurity services are informed and can do so with confidence.

CREST recently launched a new cybersecurity standard - the CREST OWASP Verification Standard (CREST OVS) - a programme that will help buyers undertake commercially diligent application testing.

CREST has also recently released a guideline on Defensible Penetration Testing, designed to drive better outcomes for buyers across the globe, along with a commercially defensible assurance activity appropriately scoped, executed and signed off.

In this talk, CREST International President Rowland Johnson will discuss how these initiatives push the envelope of the global cybersecurity market by empowering the buyers to undertake diligent and commercially reasonable cybersecurity procurement activity.
Rowland Johnson, President - CREST International