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GovWare 2022 Full Agenda

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Tech Talk: A Post-Cybersecurity World: Integrating and Automating Post-Quantum Resistant Security Directly Into Network Communication Protocols

20 Oct 2022
Level 1 | Exhibition Hall, Sands Expo and Convention Centre
In 2022, it is not a question of if your systems will be breached, but a question of when. Every government, every public corporation knows this is the reality of today's cybersecurity landscape. This predicament is largely a result of centralised multi-layer software 'solution' based environment, combined with archaic security models designed for the client-server model of computing. In today's world of highly decentralised network computing where many 'things' need to communicate with many other 'things' in realtime, current cybersecurity models are no longer sufficient to handle network communications across a potentially infinite number of devices. As quantum computing comes online, centralised approaches to managing cybersecurity become even less tenable. Integrating post-quantum secure networking protocols directly into the network itself, on existing devices, on existing systems architectures, requiring no human management, and full automation of these processes, will define the post-cybersecurity world.