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GovWare 2022 Full Agenda

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Utility Cybersecurity & Protection: Managing a Growing Risk in Water Utilities

20 Oct 2022
Level 3, Room GW3 | Sands Expo and Convention Centre
Industrial Controls Systems (ICS): Vulnerabilities & Resiliency

Being a critical infrastructure, water utilities have a history of being targeted by malicious actors looking to threaten, ransom or disrupt water supplies. It’s critical to bolster cybersecurity innovation, despite the unique challenges in securing systems in this industry.  At the same time, there are gaps in the collection of telemetry from OT systems to record process and device data, and the correlation of changes in those physical processes indicative of a potential security event.  Join this session to find out how the critical infrastructure industry can bridge those critical security gaps. 


Leonardo Hutabarat, Head of APJ Engineering - LogRhythm