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Let's Get You to GovWare 2024!

GovWare convenes the cyber community annually to spark vital discussions, provide expert insights, and foster relationships beneficial to both you and your organisation. Our meticulously curated programmes and content ensure you stay ahead of the curve and enhance your professional value. So, let us assist you in building a compelling case for attending GovWare 2024!

What You and Your Organisation Stand to Gain from GovWare 2024

  • Gain Expert Insights and Cutting-Edge Knowledge: GovWare Conference's sessions are led by global cybersecurity experts, providing invaluable insights into the latest trends, threats, and technologies in the field. By staying abreast of cutting-edge developments, I can bring back valuable knowledge to our team, which will help to strengthen our cybersecurity posture and stay ahead of emerging threats.
  • Networking Opportunities: GovWare offers ample networking opportunities for professionals to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators. Building and nurturing professional relationships at GovWare can open doors to new partnerships, collaborations, and resources that can benefit our business. These connections can also provide access to best practices, innovative solutions, and valuable insights from others in the cybersecurity community.
  • Product Demonstrations and Vendor Interactions: GovWare features live demonstrations of innovative cybersecurity solutions and technologies, allowing attendees to evaluate and interact with leading vendors in the field. This firsthand exposure to cutting-edge technologies will equip me with a stronger understanding of how to identify potential solutions that align with our needs and objectives.

Top Tips for Getting Your Manager’s Approval

  • Highlight the Benefits: In your email or proposal, clearly outline the key benefits attending the event will bring to both you and the organisation. This could include gaining new skills, networking opportunities, access to industry insights, potential partnerships, or solutions to current challenges your team or company is facing.
  • Present a Cost-Benefit Analysis: Provide a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with attending the conference, including registration fees, travel expenses, accommodation, and any additional costs. Then, demonstrate how these costs will translate into tangible benefits for the company. For example, calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) by estimating how the knowledge and connections gained from the conference could lead to increased productivity, innovation, or revenue generation.
  • Showcase a Plan of Action: Assure your manager that you have a clear plan for maximising the event experience and implementing what you learn upon your return. This could involve attending specific sessions or workshops relevant to your role, scheduling meetings with industry experts or potential partners, and preparing a report or presentation to share insights and recommendations with your team or department.
  • Offer a Compromise: If cost is a concern for your manager, consider proposing a compromise, such as seeking partial funding from the company or exploring alternative ways to cover expenses, such as using personal development funds, leveraging discounts, or sharing accommodations with colleagues to reduce costs.

Considering Group Attendance?
We've Got You Covered!

We’re here to assist and may be able to offer group discounts. Contact us at [email protected] or click the button below for more information.