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Industry Insights

  • As the world transitions to working-from-home setups due to the pandemic, cyber threats have surged, feeding on companies’ lack of preparedness and vulnerabilities and risking shut down of critical...
  • The pandemic has seemingly tipped the odds to the cyber adversaries' favour, seeing that they have exploited the lack of preparedness in most companies and government agencies...
  • Cybercriminal activities have picked up pace in recent months. Cyberspace risks fragmenting into rival jurisdictions too, making it more difficult to counter the attacks...

GovWare Conference 2021

Important Updates on GovWare 2021

With the recent developments in the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone our much anticipated in-person GovWare Exhibition.

Recognising the effort and expertise of our speakers, as well as the value of the content that we have curated, we have decided to share this via digital broadcast as an exclusive edition of GovWare Conference (5 – 7 October), alongside Singapore International Cyber Week 2021. 

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GovWare Focus 2020

A Thank You Note for GovWare Focus 2020 Attendees

Thank you so much for being a part of the very first GovWare Focus Series event - GovWare Focus 2020 Virtual Conference and Exhibition!

With the theme of "Partnership for Resilience and Advancement", we hope you gained meaningful insights, made the right connections and met your objectives in finding cybersecurity solutions. We would also like to thank our Partners, Speakers, Sponsors and Exhibitors, without whom, this event would not have been possible.

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Download Show Daily - 7 October

Download Show Daily - 8 October

Get Ready for GovWare Focus 2020 Day 2!

You can tune in to thought-leaders at Conference sessions, discover the latest in cybersecurity developments in the virtual Exhibition Halls, network with like-minded individuals and even explore Singapore with exclusive offers from our Destination Partners.

The same pass also gives you access to the open-session events of Singapore International Cyber Week 2020!

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GovWare Focus 2020 Kicks Off!

GovWare's very first virtual cybersecurity Conference and Exhibition is starting soon. 

The same pass also gives you access to the open-session events of Singapore International Cyber Week 2020!

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Tips for the Best Experience at GovWare Focus 2020

GovWare Focus 2020 is happening on 7 October, but Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) kicks off on 5 October. With your GovWare Focus 2020 pass, you can start accessing the SICW 2020 open-session events.

Watch our Orientation Video here for a preview of what to expect at GovWare Focus 2020.

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You Don't Want To Miss This at GovWare Focus 2020

GovWare Focus 2020 attendees will have access to open session events at Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) 2020.

Participate and score points through selected event activities, from 7 October 2020, 9am to 8 October 2020, 5pm (GMT +8). The top three highest-scoring particpants on our Leaderboard will walk away with prizes!

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What’s Happening at GovWare Focus 2020?

With 50 keynotes, panel discussions and breakout sessions, access insights from industry thought-leaders and domain experts. You can engage in live Q&As, and revisit sessions on-demand at your convenience, post-event.

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Meet Some of Our Industry Keynote Speakers and Partners

GovWare Focus presents a preview of industry Keynote Speakers line-up, Key Supporting Partner and Supporting Associations.

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GovWare Focus 2020 Presents Partnerships in Resilience and Advancement

The all-new Series provides a defined lens towards important developments in the cybersecurity ecosystem, with a specific emphasis revolving around geographical boundaries, technology sectors, or user industry verticals.

Join cybersecurity experts and peers from around the world in a virtual learning and engagement experience.

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Updates on GovWare Conference & Exhibition and New Events

Image Engine announces GovWare Focus Series, an approach to the changing landscape of conferences, trade events and the industry's needs in growing businesses and information sharing and governance.

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GovWare and GovInsider Join Forces on Digital Innovation

GovWare has teamed up with GovInsider, the world’s leading digital platform for public servants, to create innovative offerings that support Asia’s cybersecurity community. This includes cutting-edge methods to connect senior cybersecurity officials with private sector innovators, giving them the opportunity to learn from and share ideas with each other.

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