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SICW 2022 Open Sessions

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Ministerial Roundtables

19 Oct 2022
Level 5 | Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Format: Hybrid

Ministerial Roundtable I - 'Cyber Resilience in the New Normal'

The growing intersection of the cyber and physical domains poses risks as well as opportunities. Cyber security is increasingly a core facet of national security, with government institutions and critical infrastructure facing targeted disruptions and ransomware attacks. At the same time, states and private companies have yet to settle on a common set of 'rules of the road' for engagement in cyberspace. How can governments work together, and with industry, to address these challenges given their transboundary nature?

Ministerial Roundtable II - 'Safeguarding a Shared Digital Future'

The increasing connectivity and the prevalence of digital has made digital, Internet and technology as ubiquitous as energy. Furthermore, considering Internet's cross-boundary nature, some might liken Internet to the sea or the air. However, unlike traditional physical resources, the responsibilities of governing and securing the Internet are not clear.? What are the priority digital challenges that leaders should tackle at the highest level? What principles and practices can government and industry align on to build trust in the Internet? Should digital be considered a common need? How can the public and private sectors collaborate to secure the digital commons?'