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SICW 2022 Open Sessions

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SICW Sessions: Digital Infrastructure - Common Stakes

19 Oct 2022
Level 5 | Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Format: Hybrid - Sands Expo & Convention Centre, MBS Lvl 5 (limited seating) + SICW Virtual Platform

Digital infrastructure forms the backbone of the digital domain. Nation-states, organisations, and individuals all need digital infrastructure to connect, work, and play digitally. Hence, digital infrastructure owners wield incredible influence over our digital lives. This has made them prized targets for cyber threat actors who have an interest in causing widespread malicious impact. Notably, the more widely used digital infrastructure tend to belong to transnational/multinational corporations. In this light, nation-states have begun to consider how such entities ought to be regulated both within their borders and beyond.

This session aims to touch on the governance of digital infrastructure and to explore how public and private sector stakeholders can collaborate to achieve common security interests.