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GovWare 2023 Speakers

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Brent Muir

Brent Muir

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer / Principal Consultant - APJ, Mandiant - Google Cloud
Brent Muir is a seasoned cyber security professional, with over 17 years working in the industry. His specialisation is in cyber defence, digital forensics, and malware analysis, where he worked across various Australian government agencies, leading their digital forensics teams. Following 12 years in the government, Brent moved to the private sector, leading the digital forensics and incident response team for a Fortune 500 global bank, before joining Mandiant / Google Cloud as a Principal Consultant / vCISO. Apart from his operational experience, Brent excels in delivering strategic cybersecurity advice as his role as a vCISO; delivering both OT and IT proactive and practical security advice, based on security program assessments, enriched via a threat modelling approach.