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GovWare 2023 Temp Background

Karen Kim

Karen Kim

Chief Executive Officer, Human Managed
Karen Kim is the CEO of Human Managed, a data company with the purpose to empower responsible decisions. Her job is to lead a 'different kind of' company that dares to fix broken things and build a distribution mechanism to deliver solutions straight to the user. Karen enjoys combining the power of storytelling, design thinking and community-building to address the decision problems of today's data-flooded world. Prior to Human Managed, she has spent a decade in customer-facing roles in service-led industries such as telco and recruitment as well as product-led industries like social media. In each role, she has experienced the pains that organisations and decision-makers go through when it comes to executing their business goals. Karen is incredibly excited to build a platform that helps users decide and act toward their goals every day, alongside a team of brilliant thinkers, engineers, and operators.