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Nathan Wenzler

Nathan Wenzler

Chief Security Strategist, Tenable
Nathan Wenzler is the Chief Security Strategist at Tenable, the Exposure Management company. Nathan has over 25 years of experience both in the trenches of and as CISO of Information Security programs for public and private sector firms alike, often building them from scratch. He has served as an executive management consultant and vCISO for C-suite execs across a wide array of Fortune 1000, nonprofit and government organizations looking to optimize, mature and accelerate their information security and risk management programs. Nathan's focus areas include vulnerability and exposure management, PAM, incident response, process and workflow improvements, executive-level program management, and the human-focused aspects of InfoSec. Today, he shares his insight on cybersecurity processes, programs, personnel improvements and communication strategies across the globe at conferences and directly with customers to help mature and accelerate risk management efforts for organizations of all shapes and sizes.