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GovWare 2023 Temp Background

Ondrej Krehel

Ondrej Krehel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LIFARS
Dr. Ondrej Krehel, Chief Scientist at SecurityScorecard, and Founder of LIFARS, is recognized world-wide for his Digital Forensic expertise and Ethical Hacking. He actively participates in high-profile engagements around the world, whereby his professional experience is leveraged to achieve the most rapid root-cause analysis and remediation. He is a former lecturer at FBI Training Academy. Dr. Krehel has conducted a wide range of court expert witness testimonies, red team exercises, cyber resilience matters, forensics investigations, including data breached through computer intrusions, theft of intellectual property, enterprise risk matters, entropy classifications. Dr. Krehel is a former lecturer at FBI Training Academy and Chief Information Security Officer of IDT911, the nation's premier identity theft recovery and data breach management service. Dr. Krehel previously led forensic investigations and cybersecurity consulting at Stroz Friedberg encompassing US government engagements and missions, including military cyber special operations. Spoke for CNN, Reuters, the FBI, New York Times.