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GovWare 2023 Speakers

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Rowland Johnson

Rowland Johnson

President, CREST
Rowland focuses on driving initiatives to increase engagement across the 300+ CREST members and all CREST-qualified individuals globally. He is responsible for working internationally with governments, regulators, and other key industry stakeholders to build stronger technical cybersecurity ecosystems. A former member of the CREST GB Executive, serving between 2014 and 2020, Rowland has been a dedicated supporter of the organisation for many years. He was instrumental in CREST’s international growth, playing an integral role in creating CREST chapters in Singapore, the USA and Hong Kong. Rowland was a founding director of cybersecurity company Nettitude and oversaw its acquisition by Lloyd’s Register in 2018. Following the acquisition, he worked with the leadership team as a strategic advisor focusing on global growth. Rowland has worked closely with international governments and regulators to increase capability levels in the Penetration Testing, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Security Operations Centre markets.