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Speaking Opportunities

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Join the ranks of world-class speakers who are passionate about sharing their expertise and research to help enlighten and inspire the GovWare community.

GovWare is a leading platform of knowledge, community, advocacy and education on all things cybersecurity. Our mission is to deliver critical information flow and connectivity to help fortify the ecosystem. This is why we place a high priority on delivering quality, user-centric content to the community of cybersecurity professionals and stakeholders that we serve. GovWare speakers are carefully curated in consult with our Programme Advisory Board. Speakers associated with GovWare events are similarly recognised as industry leaders and subject matter experts.

We are privileged to work with an international panel of seasoned speakers and we are continuously looking for industry virtuosos looking to impart knowledge and insights to our growing community. 

Interested in speaking at GovWare events? Drop us a message.