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2021 Singapore Cyber Conquest


2021 Singapore Cyber Conquest

The 2021 Singapore Cyber Conquest will be played on the SANS NetWars Platform, which is a dynamic cyber range catered to allow participants of all skill levels to compete and hone their cybersecurity skills.

Schedule: 5 October, 9:00AM - 4:30PM (GMT +8)

NetWars features leading-edge challenges and mimics compelling real-life scenarios. This year, teams will be taken on a mission where they will experience challenges ranging from forensics to defensive scenarios to penetration testing with a special focus on mobile and Internet of Things security issues. Participating teams will be fully immersed from the get-go and navigate through various levels where challenges become more complex and interdependent as the storyline progresses.

Tournament Levels

  • Level 1: This level is catered for newcomers to the cybersecurity industry.

  • Level 2: Participants at this level possess solid capabilities, and represent the largest player community in NetWars, as they work to build their skills even further to differentiate themselves from the pack.

  • Level 3: Participants at this level have achieved something quite significant as they have exceeded the capability of the average infosec person.

  • Level 4: Participants at this level have demonstrated awesome skills in solving even the trickiest cybersecurity challenges.

  • Level 5: When you reach this level, we figure that you're so good, there's nothing we can throw at you to challenge you, except others like you. In Level 5, master infosec gurus battle against each other in a castle-vs-castle face-off.


Challenges revolve around the following topics and more:

  • Bash and PowerShell skills

  • Windows and Linux memory forensics

  • Web application challenges

  • A "smart home" mobile application

  • Insecure connected cameras

  • Layer 2/DHCP attacks

  • BloodHound for Active Directory analysis

  • Kerberoasting as an Active Directory attack

  • Injection attacks




There will be prizes for the Top 3 teams.

First Place Team

Scholarships to a SANS Live Online, In Person Live Stream or Live class being conducted in the Singapore time zone within the 2021-2022 calendar year. These scholarships will include course tuition, bundled OnDemand (online) course access, the GIAC certification exam (where applicable) and four months of access to our NetWars continuous offering.  Total prize value is approximately SGD 14,500 per scholarship


Winner:  “Greyhats”
Chandrasekaran Akash
Daniel Lim Wee Soong

National University of Singapore

Second Place Team

Scholarships to a SANS OnDemand (online) class within the 2021-2022 calendar year.  Total prize value is approximately SGD 9,700 per scholarship.


Winner:  “h0wn0wbr0wnc0w”
Justin Lam Xi Kai
Tan Jing Zi

Singapore Management University

Third Place Team

Scholarships for four months of access to either CORE NetWars Continuous 2 or DFIR NetWars Continuous. Total prize value is approximately SGD 4,570 per scholarship.


Winner:  “redacted”
Zhu Yongze
Tang Jun Wen Ronnie

Singapore Institute of Technology




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