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GovWare Focus Event Info


GovWare Focus Event Info

Connecting the GovWare community safely and purposefully, through a series of topic-based in-person symposiums.

GovWare Focus Series was launched in 2020, designed to provide in-depth perspectives in specialised cybersecurity areas to enable purposeful connectivity and information sharing amongst key stakeholders and the GovWare community in general.

Topics curated for each event focus on pertinent issues in the current evolving cybersecurity landscape, to examine priorities and applicable strategies that can impact boardroom decisions, technical implementation and ultimately, the journey in accelerated digitalisation and transformation.

GovWare Focus Series will resume in 2022 to continue providing a deeper view of the important developments in the cybersecurity ecosystem, particularly on geographical boundaries, technology sectors, or user industry verticals as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.


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What To Expect

Focused, in-person discussions and insights from collective intelligence of industry thought-leaders and peers.


Meaningful in-person networking opportunities which will serve well beyond the event.


Targeted 1-on-1 meetings for key industry players and end-users, facilitated by 
GovWare Connects.


Comprehensive event design and safety plan incorporating official guidelines and Singapore national standards.


Who Should Attend

Business / Operations Decision-Makers

Digital Transformation Leaders & Managers

Cybersecurity & IT Executives


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