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Lee Joon Sern

Lee Joon Sern

Director (ML and Cloud Research), Labs , Ensign InfoSecurity
Lee Joon Sern is the Director (ML and Cloud Research), Labs Ensign InfoSecurity. In his role, he oversees the application of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to the cybersecurity domain. He is pivotal in the research and development into deep embedded self-taught learning system and method for detecting suspicious network behaviours.  Joon Sern brings with him years of multi-disciplinary experience ranging from radio signal processing, satellite remote sensing and financial algorithmic trading, where he applies signal processing techniques and machine learning algorithms to images, texts, and time series.  Joon Sern graduated from Imperial College London with a Master of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He has also written research-based publications including Model-based deep reinforcement learning for dynamic portfolio optimisation (ICM 2019) and PhishGAN: data augmentation and identification of Homoglyph attacks (IEEE CCCI 2020).