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GovWare 2023 Speakers

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Sami Petajasoja

Sami Petajasoja

Chief Executive Officer, SensorFleet
Mr. Sami Petajasoja has been working on cyber security since 2006 in various product line owner and executive roles in both startups and large corporations, covering security testing, threat intelligence and most recently security monitoring technologies. In 2011, Sami established Codenomicon operations Singapore and following acquisition of the parent company, relocated to the US to work with Synopsys in Silicon Valley. Realisation that the network security segment is lagging application centric monitoring platforms lead to the next chapter in his career with relocation back to Finland and co-founding of SensorFleet in 2018. Over his career, Sami has been working on cybersecurity projects for large enterprises, government agencies and defence organisations, authored papers and presented at international conferences.